Loyalty Evaluation & Negotiation

Loyalty Bridges extends its services in the fields of technical, commercial and marketing evaluation of loyalty programs to companies who already operate a loyalty program.

Our experts help to do a complete 360° degree assessment to understand the shortfalls and recommend the most suitable options helping you to benchmark the standard and success of your loyalty program. 

Our knowledge of global loyalty processing platforms and technologies helps companies in deciding the best  option suited to achieve a smooth and scalabel platform in line with their budgets, technical capabilities and marketing objectives. 

Loyalty bridges also acts as an advocate and negotiate on behalf of your company with the third party loyalty marketing and fulfillment companies, effectively helping the companies in bringing down the cost and adding value to the whole program.

Not only this helps the companies in saving themselves for being overcharged in terms  of price per point but also protects them from being stripped of thousand of dollars by helping them negotiate on value added services. 




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